What race crank for PK

Hello can someone help me please??

My crankshaft is really bad the woodruff key is breaking all the time.

So I'm thinking to put in a race crank I found 2 on sip but wonder what are the differences between them?





And what kind of bearings and oil seals do I need?

Im have a pk 50 -92 whit a 112cc cylinder a 24mm carburetor lightned flywheel and pm exhaust.

Please help me.

/ Peter 


I see you blame the crankshaft, but have you checked the flywheel?

Anyway, back to your primary question:

#45062000 is the basic race crankshaft with a knife-profile con-rod (more streamline, a little lighter).
Choose this one for the original cylinder.

#45061800 is a race crankshaft with a reinforced con-rod.
I would prefer this one if you have a more powerful cylinder.

Both Crankshafts offer a longer inlet timing: You can expect that your engine will rev up easier and become a little bit more agile ...but please don't expect any wonder.

Please remind that eventually you need to perform a re-jetting of your carburetor.




Thanks for the help.

I fitted the crank and tested it today worked perfectly just needs some fine carburetor tuning.



Thanks for your feedback [Y]