What cilinderkit for vespa sprint 150?

it's for this scoot :

VLB 1 T 044505 chassis
VLB 1 M 44693 engine (unchanged, not ported…yet)

purpose is to create a more powerfull commuter/tourer,not a racer or sprinter.

new marzucelli crankshaft is fitted and new bearings done allready.

planning to fit either Si20/20 or Si24/24 carb.

simple setup.


can anyone advise me on what kit?

this engine is a 2-port engine!

was thinking about 177 pinasco-kit?




we all were newbies at some point. i just started about 2 years ago... i've read all that i could find and asked scooterist lots of questions to try to learn. still lots to learn, especially hands on wise, but i think i'm off to a pretty good start.

in my opinion, as long as you just want a reliable touring/cruising scooter (and not a complete authentic accurate restoration.) your lml engine idea sounds good to me. (are you planning on the lml 125cc 2T or the 150cc 2T? i've got the lml 150cc 2T in my stella.) and you should be able to use the sito+ exhaust that you have. my genuine stella (same as a lml star 150cc 2T) with just a sito+, properly rejetted, and a p200 air filter does 55mph with no problems and i've had it close 65mph. plus, you could either keep the original engine if you ever want to take it back to original. or, you could sell the engine to try to recoup some of the cost for the new lml engine. or even better, you could keep the old engine and take it apart and rebuild it to learn lots of stuff. i bought a used stella and i've taken out the clutch, did stuff with the reeds and reed block and the carb - i've learned alot.

there are my thoughts. hope that helps. have fun and good luck.


Thank you for your quick replay. Has you notice i am a newbie and i am figure out everything and have my head very clear what to purchase and what to do before i open the engine if not it's to late...Which clutch do you recommend? Could you identify the art number?

During today i was thinking that the money i will spend on this adventure (that already started) perhaps it's better just buy a unused 150 LML engine and covert my sprint to 12v and that's it... i will have for sure more power and in the future a engine more easier to tunning.

Hi Nuno !


Please check if your engine has got 2 boostports.

If yes you can use the pinasco kit.

If it´s a 3 port engine i recommend the polini 177.

The 400000T5 carburetor is perfect.

The best exhaust for this setup is definitley the sip road 24166000.

Also a reinfored clutch with a 1-2 dents longer clutch gear would be helpful.



Hi dude


I guess the Pinasco 177 with 2 ports would be the best choice for your projekt.

Notice that it´s necessary to mount a 24 SI Carb, otherwise your Cylinder will crack.


You can also use the DR 177 with 3 ports and close one port with the feet gasket.







Hello Larocca,

I am completly newbie on this vespa world.

I've got a 1967 Vespa 150 Sprint with this engine serial number: VLB1M042627

Can i install the kit Pinasco 177 + carburetor DELL'ORTO/DRT SI 24/24 E (art no. 400000T5 ) + Racing Exhaust SITO PLUS ( art no. 23000000).

Is there anything else that i take into consideration?

Thank you for your support. 


I am thinking to do the same with my sprinter.

Can you update me with your results (speed, behaviour, etc..) and help what i should do exactly. Did you increase the teeths in the clutch?

Thank you for your help

the pinasco 177 2 port and a sito+ will give you a nice power jump, but i would think your stock clutch should be able to handle it. if you were porting the cases to match and putting on an expansion exhaust, then you would probably need to upgrade the clutch. as a side note- rebuilding the clutch with 1 more tooth would lower your RPMs at speed witch raises your MPGs (good for a touring set up.) so, it might be worth it.

weird this subject does not have any response...[*-)]

i figured it would be a cooling thing, the 24mm carb [H]

i put a marzuchelli racing crank in the sprint with the rebuild,so that's good for now.

what setting about jets (air jet,mixer tube,main jet) would you recommend for the Si24/24mm carb?

and what about idle jet?

i'll be using a sito plus exhaust.

do i have to adjust timing with using this pinasco 2-port cilinderkit?

Hi dude


I recommend you a mainjetsize from 120-118, the rest of the carb can be stock.

I guess the ignition timing should be 19 degrees.







Could you specify which clutch gear do you recommend? Can i use the original one with a 24/24 carburator?

Thank you


you definately need to know if you have a 2 port or 3 port engine... if it's a 3 port, the lml 5 port kit will work great with a 20/20 or 24/24 carb and a sito+ exhaust. if you're not happy with your top speed, you should be able to go up 1 tooth on your clutch. my stock lml engine comes with a 21 tooth cluch and 65 gearing- with a sito+ it will pull with a 22 tooth clutch. hope that helps.

ok, thanks for the reply.


some more questions arise again : the sprint has now a Si17/20 carb but i was about to swap it for a 20/20 carb.

i could mount the 24mm carb but the engine was just renewed so i can't open the cases again to open up the inlet port...

if the pinasco really needs the 24mm carb, does the DR  need it too, the 24mm carb or would a 20/20 be good enough?

don't think it will help mounting a 24mm carb if the cases haven't been opened up,right?

i just want some more torque, not really high power.

thanks, hannes.

Hi dude



The thing is not only the performance, the 24 makes sense because you got more cylinder cooling reg. the oil/gas mix.



24 Carb = more gas and less pistoncracker [:D]



You can also go on without opening the inlet and open it for the next bearing/oilseal replacement.

Do you mounted a racing crank ?

If you`ve got the original crank it could be a problem, then you`ve forced to reopen your engine.







It's a 2 port engine. Another doubt that i have is how many teeths has the 1967 sprint gears? Do i really need to change it if i put a Pinasco 177 2 port?