Vespa World Days 2018 Belfast

Who's coming over and where from?

My grand paa is using the Vespa and this vehicle drive is really smooth and awesome or I am always participating in world Vespa day.if anyone interested to join the 2020 world Vespa day then visits and register your vespa.

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Very disappointing that all the 'big scooter parts sellers' based in continental Europe rarely if ever bother coming to international gatherings if the gathering is not on the mainland.

It seems that a ferry crossing or two is just too much to handle for our cousins over there on the mainland. Yet we are expected to travel to Euro events taking place in Germany, Italy, Spain etc.

How many scooterists from Uk & Ireland attended World Day's in Croatia & Germany etc over the last number of years? or the Euro Lambretta? (just last week two Irish lambretta riders received the glorious "Farthest Traveled" award at the Euro Lambretta in Spain having ridden from the West of Ireland)

Yet European mainland scooterists rarely ever come over here in any numbers.

Seems they only want our money spent on-line.

Well, what can I say..... I was wrong, well, kinda wrong. It was good to see SIP had a stall at Vespa World Day's in Belfast 2018 - display only though, you couldn't purchase anything. The representatives were friendly and chatty (but couldn't wait to get the hell outa there I reckon :-)) Still the ride-out was class! And seeing all the different scooter numberplates from across the world.

Loads of scooterists braved two sea crossings to attend, very impressive! Some very cool scooters to be seen there. My favorite are the vintage custom or vintage classic. The Croatian Vespa's looked good - all "Wolves in Sheep's clothing" type scooters. They retain their old vintage classic look but you know that the engines have been modified and modernised with subtle but practical modifications.

Some very old models from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

The venue, though impressive was not suitable for a Vespa World Day's event (or any scooter event) People were too widely scattered across the City; the campsite being 5km's away. I felt sorry for many of the scooterists who traveled long distances to be there because people left the area to go into the City or the campsite leaving the World Day's venue looking like a Ghost-Town early each evening.

Bands and DJ's were playing and no-one was there, it was the strangest thing I have ever seen - a full band playing away and maybe three people standing around. On Saturday evening I left the Titanic venue area with a few scooterists from UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland & Scotland. When we were leaving a 'Ska' band were taking the stage - we were the last people there, leaving the entire area devoid of people!! the band played on to no-body - bizarre!

I met no-one from Ulster Vespa Club all weekend and I spent a lot of time at the venue each day.

I met a Greek Vespa rider who arrived a week too early!! Imaging driving an old Vespa from Greece to Northern Ireland, he deserved something special but I don't think he received anything.

I can see a split happening in the near future where vintage and veteran geared Vespa/Lambretta riders will have their own events away from Corporate meddling & interference and all the egotistical money grabbers pretending to be scooterists on brand new GTS's.