Vespa 50L V5A1T 1967 Malossi ingition problem


Im fitting the Ignition MALOSSI VesPower MKII,for Vespa 50 V5A1T cone 19/20mm.

But it seems to be an issue with the cone degree. it simply does not fit perfectly (wont enter fully), so den flywheel vobble when spinning. Do i have the wrong product? See attached pictures.

Please help,

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I guess we need some more information from you, like:
- What kind of crankshaft is fitted into the engine?
- Why do you need a Malossi Vespower ignition on this engine - is the engine heavily tuned?
- If there was the original flywheel, did it also wobble?
- is there any grinding uncomfortable sound when you turn the flywheel by hand (engine not running)

Possible reasons for wobbling flywheel:
- crankshaft + flywheel don't have the same cone angle (maybe accidentally a ET3, PV or PK crankshaft is fit into the engine)
- the crankshaft is damaged.
- the flywheel is not fitted properly on the crankshaft (not respecting the position of the woodruff key)
- the (new) flywheel has a defect.

thanks for your reply...