Vape igntion dc to dc

Vape ignition
I have a px 200 disc MY model about to fit the vape regulator
i understand on the vape regulator twin black plug i connect the blue from the loom to 1 of the blacks
The black wre on the frames main loom i cut the end terminal off and do continuity to the both black wires and one that goes to the stator i connect this into the remaining black wire on the vape ignition twin black plug

Brown from the vape goes to the ground on the vape regulator

Now i have 1 wire left the RED on the vape regulator

On the old oem regulator i have left

On what ive read i to i connect this last RED wire from the vape regulator to the red on the scooters main wiring loom

If this is correct whay
T happens to the remaining wires remaining from the old regulator



I’m afraid it’s not as simple as you imagine.
Personally, we have not yet installed a VAPE DC in a new Vespa PX with battery, etc. Therefore we can’t tell you by heart where to plug in which cable.
However, there is a topic in the Germanscooterforum where an acquaintance of mine explains this conversion including a wiring diagram.
Please have a look at it:

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