Tail light STR8 Lexus LED, inkl. Blinkerfunktion


Does anyone know why both my blinkers are flashing at the same time? I've connected it the way I figured was right, but if I turn the blinker on to the left both lights start flashing (the same happens if I turn on the right one).

Anyone who could help me?



You need to get yourself one of those test lights that have a thorn and a minus clamp. They cost about 6 € in a craft shop (Praktiker etc.)  You stick the thorn into a cable and clamp the minus onto your scooter body. If the cable has power the light in the test lamp will light up. In this manner and  with a bit of intelligence you can determine any faults in your system. In your case then, you find the cable that delivers power to one light, obviously it shouldn't deliver power to the other one. If it does you've found the problem. Actually it is all very easy and logical, provided you have a test light.

Does anyone have any fitting instructions for this as i have no idea how to fit it

Its for a '03 aerox 50


I have a Vespa 50 S from 1982 imported from Germany and equiped with indicator lights in the drawbar.

Does anybody have a electrical diagram showing how to connect the indicator switch and the flashing module as well as where to fix the module in the bodywork ?

Does anybody know about how to fit the distance bushing between the drawbar and the indicator lights ?

Any help would be welcome