Strange clutch problem


i´m having a strange problem with my clutch.

when i depress my clutch lever en put my vespa in gear (without engine running) and i push it forward. the clutch disengages. no problem sofaar but when i push the vespa backwards the clutch locks up.

when i depress my clutch lever with the engine running the clutch dous not disengage.                                but when i turn the engine counterclockwise manualy the clutch does disengage

i took out the clutch and depressed it in an bankwrench and it runs smoothly both ways!?!??????

who can help me out with this problem?

Cosa Clutch? or stock?

Cosa's have a slight clearance issue with them. i had the same problem, what i did was to lightly file down the cage and removed the burrs that were causing the cork plates to hang up, and not allowing the clutch to fully disengage. after filing, clutch ran smoothly and eliminated the problem.

i also smoothed out the tabs on the plates

Hi Wow you are confused?  You need to strip the Clutch down. Take care to place all bits in right order he cam out.  You need to examine alll bits. New corks  must be soaked in oil at least 24 hours. examine springs they normally need replacing, replace all. make sure basket is not dented, scored on castle edges.  on rebuild take care to make sure springs locate into reseses. good luck Turtle