Status of my order


I'm french so escuse me if I do some mistakes.[;)]

I wanna know where is my order of the 13th of august. Because on the website it's mentionned that the order is "opened" (commande ouverte in french). What does it mean ?

I have received an email suming up this order but the tracking number with fedex is 00000000000, why ???

I don't understand how this website makes the orders, it's not clear.

It says on user area :

<span id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderTitle_LiteralTitle" class="tF_sizeUp3 tF_strong tF_upperCase">"Ta Commande</span>

    <span id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderAccount_Label1" class="tF_sizeUp">Ici,

tu peux visualiser les détails de la commande de ton choix. Dans le cas
des commandes clôturées, tu peux effectuer le retour de certains
articles, ou bien de toute la commande. Dans ce cas, un formulaire de
retour d’article sera alors automatiquement établi, sous forme de PDF.
Dans le cas des commandes en suspens, on trouve la fonction „Modifier
commande“. Ici, tu peux supprimer un article, en ajouter, ou modifier la
quantité commandée."

I wanna know the status of my order please

Thank you


Ok !

Thank you for these informations [;)] I understand better now


I have received my order on friday, all is ok



Hello beerob,


Your order is still pending because one of the items in it is currently not available and you chose "Complete Delivery". It's the flyscreen J10211000.


Best regards,




j'ai le Même problème mais je n'ai pas de suivi commande du 19/06, on est le 21/06...

Les article sont disponible et prêt a être expédie

option fedex rapide, en deux jours....


I'am having the same problem , I  don't understand this ordering system as well . If you find out let me know as well thanks. also your english is fine.

Hello vespas200,


Your parcel has been shipped yesterday 16 August 2011. The tracking only works the day after the parcel has been shipped because the courier service has no information on the parcel before.


Best regards,