SS180 with SIP Road 2.0 Exhaust - Jetting?

Hello SIP cew! I have a stock 180 SS (SI 27/23 carb, 120 main jet) and would like to get the SIP Road 2.0 exhaust. Will I need to use a different jet setup? If so, what should I be using?

122 - 124

Good day, well what 16erGleisdorf wrote sounds about right, I however would buy a couple of even larger ones, to play around with and be on the safe side, the SIP jets are very accurate and even rather small differences do make a difference.  The SIP Road 2.0 is an excellent exhaust I have found. 

I would prefer to perform an individual jetting procedure in accordance with the proper spark plug.
OK the other answers to your questions are just general answers and nothing precise.
And that's for a good reason as only a jetting procedure helps you to determine the individual jet setting of you engine.

Great, thanks for the quick response.