SIP wiring loom for VESPA - Tutorial

In this tutorial video we want to explain the installation of a SIP wiring loom into a VESPA scooter.


In order to make the connection of a VESPATRONIC / PARMAKIT ignition easier and to avoid connection errors, we offer SIP wiring looms for retrofitting to VESPATRONIC / PARMAKIT ignition.

The wiring looms are pre-fabricated for a voltage regulator with 4 connections. This means that a battery can still be optionally operated (e.g. connection for laptop / IPhone charging cable, etc.). Made in Europe. The best cable quality. Each wiring loom is checked and quality labelled for functionality. A detailed wiring diagram is enclosed.

Premium: The wiring loom is prepared for all VESPATRONIC / PARMAKIT ignitions with matching plugs and lengths. Connection to the junction box is via the cable coil shoes. The delivery package also includes cable shoes for retrofitting to "flat-pin plugs". For all models with a kill switch on the light switch. However, it can also be retrofitted with the matching wiring loom (PART No 86135255) to the ignition lock on the handlebar (ET3, Rally, etc.). The wiring loom is produced so that it is easy to fix. The wiring loom for the rear light and headlamp unit is chosen to be deliberately longer in order to make the connection easier. May optionally be supplied for models with or without indicator handlebar ends. The frame rubber for the rear light cable is already pre-mounted.

Conclusion: Makes connection far easier and prevents connection errors due to incorrect wiring.
We do also offer a variety of wiring looms as high quality replacement to the standard VESPA ones which makes a restoration a lot easier.

SIP TIP: Order the matching VESPATRONIC / PARMAKIT ignition at the same time. Change the brake light switch and light switch to “shutter” switches. Install 12 V light bulbs / festoon bulbs.


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More videos you can find on our Youtube tutorial channel.


SIP Wiring loom Installation




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