SIP in the U.K.


 I was just wondering if the SIP team would be attending any of the U.K. rallies this year, and possibly doing a stall in the parts fair? 

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Dont be silly, everyone will be spending all their money on the stalls selling vespa mugs and bags! god why would anyone want real stuff on a rally, esp get you home stuff lol

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I guess better late than never ;-) Here's our reply. No, we didn't go to any of the UK rallies this year. We have been to the Isle of Wight and Bridlington so far in the last couple of years. This year it just didn't work out for us (it is, after all, still quite a trip from Bavaria to the UK).


Hopefully, we will make it over again sooner rather than later (as we actually enjoyed the atmosphere there a lot).





You over for VWD 2018 - Belfast?