Shock Malossi RS24


We bought new shocks (springs) Malossi for our RS24, front 20% harder and the back one is 30%. It is for the race bike. It is a Primavera 125 with an Malossi MKIII alu 136.

The front one is already changed but we cant dismount the back one. Does someone know how do dismount it.

Excuse my english.....

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do you mean how to remove the old shock absorber?

The first thing you have to do is to remove the tank.
You will find a M8 nut which fastens the top of the shock absorber. This nut is located in the rear area (right side) behind the tank. Take care, you will have to look inside of the frame to discover it.

First you have to remove the bolt which fastens the old shock absorber to the engine casing.
Then you remove the nut inside of the frame (You need a 13 mm wrench to remove it).
Then the old shock absorber comes out.
on top of the shock absorber you will find a silent block which should also be replaced.

I hope that answers your question, thanks for your feedback!