Rew limiter for my Italjet Formula?

I need a rew limiter for my Italjet Formula.

This scooter has a Morini engine, and most limiter won't work.

Any one who have any tip?




Yep, that's the right one for an Italjet Formula with MORINI engine. 92102400.

I have now found one on SIP as well.

Art.Nr. 92102400

Rev limiter Speed Regulator

fits all models with 2 cables
at pick-up

I did find this on scooter attack web.


Rev limiter with flip switch Motoforce

We can now offer you the classic among rev limiters from Motoforce.


It can be activated via a flip switch.


As a special highlight, it comes with a second potentiometer for accurate settings.

Also works with Morini.

Minarelli models after 2003 have a different cable code (blue/white instead of red/ white) !!