Renovating Vespa Sprint 150

Hi everyone,


I'm going to renovate my (first) Vespa Sprint 150 from 1974. Before I submit my order, I hope that someone can help me out with these questions. I have tried to find information on the page and looked up which parts suits my model, but there seems to be several options and the hotline seems to be very occupied: 

Vespa 150 Sprint 1974 VLB1T 1001 - 1205477        Frame no: 1189891


-Does rim's come as a set or pcs? In the text it says front & rear, but does that mean that it suits both front and rear og that it comes as a set? Also, does anyone have experience with these rims, do they fit straight on? Art. 81057100


-I want to mount the D.R 177cc tuning set Art. 10105000 but there is a 1° and 2° set - which one is the correct one and what is the difference?


-Is it necessary to change the crank when upgrading the engine? Of course I will check the condition once taking apart the engine, but if it's alright, will it then be suitable for the task? (supposedly 17.000 km running age)  


-Engine bearing set, 1° or 2° set? I found the set Art. 90001800 will this do or should it be another set? 

I want to change all bearings in the engine and besides the set, I guess that I will need following:

   -Gudgeon pin bearing (does anyone knows the suitable size for the tuning set?)

   -Clutch slider bearing



-Which clutch plates would you recommend together with the DR 177cc kit? 

   -Art.No. 52165050 3 PLATES

    -Art.No. 52165100 4 PLATES

   -Other that will be better for the task?


-Brake shoes - can anyone recommend a trustworthy brand? 

   -Art. no. 87333000 says front&rear and 2 seatings. That meaning a complete set for front and rear or that they will fit in both ends? 

   -Springs for brake shoes: I can find one that says front and another rear, different art. numbers. Are they not the same, front and rear or are they different? 


-Light switch; I would like one as close to the original as possible, but again, I'm not 100% sure since couple of them shows that they fit the model. I think it should be Art no 60092000. My scoter does not have indication lights, but still has they contact in the left side of the switch, though not with the contact sticking out. I can not see if it has been broken off or if it were a short/flat flip able contact, as some of the models have. 

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-I can not seem to find a complete rivet set for my scooter. It will be taken completely apart and painted, so all rivets will be replaces. Does anyone know of a complete rivet set in a good quality ? 


Sorry for all the questions, but the hotline couldn't help and neither guarantee when the technicians would get time to reply my questions by email. 


All help is much appreciated!


Shopping lists are attached for easier view of the items.


Best regards,


Martin Junker



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Please not that the Aluminium tubeless rims mean you cannot change the tyres by yourself anymore. You always have to sent them back to SIP for change (as the motorcycle shops at your home city cannot handle these small rims).

Front and rear means they fit front and rear (as for every Vespa, they don't have different rims on front and rear), but you have to order 2 rims for shure! They are expensive.

Which kit fits? Well please take a closer look.
You need to check your frame's serial number, because one kit fits on earlier models unto serial number "xxxxxx", and the other one fits on the later Sprint models.
You can see it in the table which describes on which models does the kit fit (right column!)


I guess a race crankshaft with a longer inlet time would be nice.

But again you need to check your serial number. And please remind that the serial number of your frame is only useful if your engine is the original one which came with the Vespa.


A lot of questions...

Rims for Vespa...
Vespa rims of the standard type are diveded. They are usually delivered in a set.

It is not mandatory to change the crankshaft type if you fit a 177 ccm cylinder onto a 125 or 150 ccm engine...
Maybe you do not need to change the type, but i would prefer to change the old crankshaft because you cannot assume that its old & worn out bearings would withstand the more powerful cylinder much long.

The difference between 177 ccm "ROAD" and "SPORT" kits.
As the product description says, there is a "ROAD kit" and a "SPORT kit". Take the road kit if you want a reliable engine which is also good for tours on country lanes. It comes with a 177 cylinder of the "DR" brand which is known for reliability and long life.

Take the SPORT kit if you have deeper knowledge of Vespas engines and twostroke engine tuning and you are also in need of a high revving engine for traffic light races in the downtown area of the city you live in. This kit comes with a cylinder from POLINI which is known for beeing tricky to run in... You can easily damage it if you do not run it in properly.

Please note that both 177 sets come with a cast iron cylinder. This type of material is very commonly and cheap. Do not expect to much from it. The names "ROAD" and "SPORT"  are more or less marketing names for these kits with a certain price-perfomance ratio and you do not get "RACE" performance.

What do you mean by trustworthy brand?
Remember, old Vespas have archaic drum brakes... if your brake does not work it's not the fault of the brake shoes. Your drums should be in good shape.. clean and round and not eccentric staggering which causes the front fork to jump when you're braking...
I personally prefer the priceworthy "NEWFREN anti Aqua" brake shoes - but honestly, as beforementioned, this is all depending on the condition of your brakes system and your own driving behaviour. Please remind that you have to run-in brake shoes until they deliver full perfomance.

You did not ask about front suspension...please remind that the front suspension of old Vespas is archaic and totally out of time. for use in modern traffic on modern streets it's mandatory to tune the complete front supsension witha modern shocker and a stronger coil spring...


Hi Werner,


Thanks a lot for your answer! 


About the rims, it's the optimised rims by SIP, the once with anti theft and for tubeless tyres. In the product description it says "front & rear" so I wonder if they by that mean, that it can be used in both ends or that it is a set=2 rims. 


Okay, then I better change the crankshaft to be sure. Do you have any recommendations, brand etc? I am going to order the 177 ccm road kit, with the DR cylinder. The scooter is for my wife and she does not do any kind of racing. The only reason for the upgrade is to be able to follow the normal traffic and also if we were to drive together on it. 

When I look at those tuning sets, I see 2 of the same set, but the one set says fx. Vespa Sprint 150 1° and the other set says Vespa Sprint 150 2°. Do you know what is the difference between the 1° and 2°? In the "fit list" both sets are shown to fit my Vespa Sprint 150 from 1974, så I do not know which one is the correct one. The same thing with the engine bearing sets. 


By the brake shoes I ment that in my younger days, when playing around with mopeds, we sometimes got so bad brake shoes that would not last very long and sometimes brake off a piece etc.

I will go for the NEWFREN that you mentioned, thanks. 


Front suspension - in that case I'll will probably go for a modernisation of the whole thing. 


Thank you for taking you time, it is very much appreciated. 


Best regards


Martin Junker