Rear absorber for Suzuki ZZ


Hi there!

We have Suzuki ZZ Inch UP Sport 2001 y.o.

Engine Franco Morini А155.

Need rear shock absorber

Size of the desired shock absorber in the application. Can you help get it?




Hi Sergey!

We have some different shock absorbers for you. Here are some examples:


The only difference is that they don´t have 330mm length (300 from hole to hole, we only have 295mm or 305mm). All the other measures are the same.


Best regards, Sebastian

What do you think if we take the art. SC045YZB01 and put the Spacer Block Art.No.IGM001 to extend the length?

Will it solve the problem?

Thanks Sebastian!

Can you preording something that lenght?




In this case the shock absorber with the spacer is 330mm from hole to hole.

I think it´s too long because the spacer has a length of 40mm

The best way is if you use for example this one SC098YZB01

It has the same measures that you need.

Best regards, Sebastian


Cool! Thanks Sebastian!

We ordered [;)]