PX200 Clutch Failure!?

Hi all. I have a PX disc with operating problems. It would jump out of gear so I suspected that the selector box was worn rather than the cruciform as it has only done 10000km. I changed the selector & it stalled as soon as I let the clutch out & tried to put it into gear. I then tried another cosa clutch & still no joy. It won’t go into gear very easily. The funny thing is that it will go into gear when the rear wheel is off the ground but stalls if you try to ride it. It feels like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on. Also, it makes a huge „clunking“ sound when I try to put it in gear & the neutral mark on the handle bars doesn’t stay lined up after changing gears a few times. I have no idea what has/is going wrong! In this condition it can’t be ridden.

To summarise: It jumps out of gear, its hard to get into gear, stalls & the gear lever neutral mark won’t line up after changing gears.


You should have wrong your crankshaft, clutch side; in my 200’s engine 1995 model year I changed crankshaft and clutch, and now I have a clutch old type.

Does the kick start work when in gear, and the clutch is pulled in?
did you see if the bar/selector rod that you place the selector box onto was loose[?[]it sometimes unscrews,anti clockwise to do up!)
did you place the selector box arm wright onto the bar/selector?
how many teeth on the clutch? as if you have changed the clutch did you make sure the teeth are the same, or fit?
bset to know as much as possible.
Forget the neutral marks on the bars!(unless they are miles out,wich stops it going into 4th/1st)
as if you have played around, they never line up ,wait untill it all goes in to gear and stays like that, then rearrange the cables to line it up.
Don’t give up!!;D

It sounds like a gearbox problem. Drain out the oil and check the oil for steelparts with a magnet.

How did it start?