Px electronic ignition timing instruction for a newbie

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if somebody has the time, could you please give me instructions for doing the timing on my px125 with electronic ignition.
have trawled the forum but no joy…

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after you remove the flywheel, you see the stator plate ( the round things that has coils).
On the bottom of this plate you have two marks: „A“ and „IT“.
On the cranckcase you have a mark.

When you alingn the stator „A“ mark with the case mark you set the timing to 23°

When you align the stator „IT“ mark with the case mark you set the timing to 18°.

To moove the stator plate you have to untight the three stator screw. After which you can turn the stator plate either clockwise or counter clock.
When you turn the stator clockwise you retard the ignition
(from „A“ to „IT“ means from 23° to 18° and less)

when you turn the stator counter clock, you advance the timing.

The more you advance the timing the earlier the plug will fire before the piston get to TDC.
So when you set the ignition to „A“ = 23° it means the plug will fire 23° before the piston is at TDC. (the distance from TDC depends from factor as stroke and conrod lenght)

For PX 125 E and PX 150 E the ignition advance is 18°
(stator plate „IT“ mark aligned to case mark)

For PX 200 E the ignition advance is 23°
(stator plate „A“ mark aligned to case mark)

hope it is clear.
If not ask again.


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From memory it should be set at 23 degree’s BTDC but I’m really not sure.

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