pinasco 215 kit on standard stroke?


I have a 1980 P200E that has been recently fitted with the Pinasco 215 kit.  The scooter is pinking at idle speeds and also in fourth gear.  Also, it is difficult to shift to second, third and fourth.  If I quickly gas it before gear change it slips into gear.  Doesn't seem right? I have close to a 150 miles on the new kit.  Still running in period...It has a standard stroke, 24 mm carb, SIP road exhaust, bosch w3cc spark plug, 130 main jet and mixing oil to gas at 3%.  Timing was set at 20 degrees?  Thanks for any help (dunker)!


What you are experiencing is not right and it is not the fault of the Pinasco kit.

we all do faulse analogies. First of make sure you don't have any air leak. I say be sure not because you have mounted it carefully it means it is sure you don't have an air leak.

YOu need to put your engine on a pressure test. When we do any kind of engines we always put them on a pressure test and you know how many they have a leaking? 2 on 10. And it is not that we are not able to mount well an oïl seal.

Second point. Mesure your squish band.

this is for the pinking.

For the gear problem: try to screw the gear selector (be careful it srews in the opposit way of a normal srew from the outside just to check if is not loose.

If not loose : you have to open your engine you have probably something wrong either with the gears play or the selector.

Merci beucoup! I will try the changes you have suggested.  I've not done a pressure test before. C'est nouveau per moi. Je ne comprend pas mais, I will research. Encore merci !