Parts search for SYM DD50

I'm trying to track down some high end/ race parts for my scoot and need your help. It's a 2010 SYM DD50 (has the Honda Dio AF16 copy motor) and I have a 72cc Polini corsa bore kit. I may also switch to a Malossi MHR. Anyways, please help me find the following parts and part numbers. Also your suggestions as to what parts or company's are best for parts. Your help will much me appreciated. This scoot will be used for street racing. Thanks.

Exhaust for 72 race or street race (chamber type)

Suspension rear shock and front (if avalible)

Race crank bearings and seals


And any other parts you think would work well for this bike and is avalible.

please help me here. I have a 2004 sym dd and ive just bought a polini 70cc kit for it and it doesnt go any faster, only better acceleration. I also have a technigas Next R sports exhaust but my dd only goes about 40mph. How fast does yours go with a 70cc kit and how can i make it go faster? I thought it was de restricted but it might not be completely. thanks jacob

by the way theres a website called adrenalin pedstop that have performance parts, they dont have that much for a sym dd though.