New Vespa GTS electronic Speedo problem

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wonder if you can help I have a 2016 vespa GTS 300 with ABS and I have just bought a new digital speedo for it all fitted all ok but the water temp bars are not working now even showing up on the screen now the water temp sensor is working all ok because the electric fan cuts in when it gets over warm ...

what I want to know is it does not say anything in the booklet about the temp bars on a 16 model do not work etc etc .. ive checked everything the cylinder head temp works fine .. just the temp bars don't come on

Hello Sebastian, i have problem with GT200L SIP Speedometer. I already put all the connector in the right position, but the speedometer won't turn on and not entering self-test phase. When the 6pin connector was inverted, the needle jiggled and bottom part of the speedometer flashed. When i tried to put back to the correct position, nothing happened. Can you please send me the wiring diagram for the speedometer? this is my email ([email protected])


Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply!

Hi mlandman


I´m not sure if it´s possible to make the bar-temperature gauge work on the facelift GTS models. I´ll send you an e-mail with the wiring diagram.


Regard, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

I would like to order the SIP speedo for my GTS300 ABS 17' too, but will it fit the 17' model or can i also do some wiring diagram to solve the bar temperature gauge problem.





Can someone tel me if SIP can supply the Conrad connectors, also would apoeiciated if i can have the pinouts diagram of the speedo sent to me on [email protected]


Thanks in advance

Did you solve the problem? I have a vespa 300 gts super Sport 2010 and i was interested in buying the speed/rev counter, but with these problems.... 

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Hi Poiarez


Don´t worry! On your 2010 GTS all features are working perfectly. The SIP speedo is a plug&play unit for GTS Models till the Facelift from 2014.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Can you please send me the wiring diagram, 

Thanks Michel Sandman & really appreciate for you very detail explanation. [:D]

Hello Sebastian,

Is it possible that SIP posts a pin-outline from the backplug of the tacho?

Which pin is for what?

I am sure I can make a hack and get the GTS facelift bar-temp gauge to work. But in order to do that, I need a diagram which pin on the back of the tach is what.

Many many thanks


Making the Temperature Bar gauge working on a SIP Tacho (MV914XXXJ) on GTS Facelift 125-300  '14->


If you use the new 2016 SIP Digital Tacho on a facelift Vespa GTS (2014 and newer), the temperature Bar gauge in the bottom left-hand corner is not working. This is as designed, but in fact pretty sad because with a few changes, we can make it work. And it looks cool. The trick is this: The facelift GTS has standard two NTC's build in the coolant temperature sensor. But only one is used. To make the Temperature Bar working, we will simply need to use the second NTC and connect that with the SIP Tacho.

You need to do 3 things:

1) Modify the connector on the temperature sensor

2) Modify the connector to the SIP tacho

3) Pull a wire from temperature sensor at the engine to the tacho

This is what we need to achieve:

Material needed:

1) 1 Flat AIV Kontakte für Mini ISO-Gehäuse 0.5-1mm2 (Conrad article 742966)

2) 1 Steckschuh Kontakt (Conrad article 526164)

3) 2 meter automotive cable 1 mm2

4) 50 cm 3mm tubing (‘Schrumpfschlauch')

5) A few tie wraps

6) A multimeter (for testing the contacts, measuring resistance)

7) A few drops of glue


Modify the temperature connector

The green temperature sensor in the engine has 4 flat pins. Each pair is connected to an NTC. Per default, only pin 1-2 are used for the temperature warning light. Pin 3-4 are connected to the second identical NTC.  Both NTC's are identical.  We will need to connect pin 3-4.


Pry-off the green connector from the sensor. Open the connector at the back (cable side). 

Remove the two dummy pins from the connector. You don’t need them.


Make two wires (1mm2) and solder a wire to an AIV Flat Female Kontakt pin 0.5-1mm2). Conrad article 742966. 



Shift the black rubber shoe back from the temperature connector. Pry-off the little yellow plate from the connector. Now, take the two wires and shift them into the empty holes in the connector from the bottom (not the cable side). Make sure they are aligned with the direction of the flat pins in the sensor. Ensure that the kontakt pins just reach the bottom of the connector. Place the yellow plate back.


On the top of the connector, you have now the standard black cable and your two new wires sticking out of the connector, red and yellow on the picture.

Carefully hold the two wires and the plug and reattach it to the sensor on the engine. Don't use force.

Test if it works: measure the resistance between the two wires. It should read anywhere between 2000 and 5000Ω. If you have that, it means that the new pins in the plug are properly connected with the NTC in the sensor. If your Ohm-meter reads ‘infinite', it means that the two new wires are not properly connected and you need to recheck your plug-fix. One of the pins may be damaged.

You will see that the new wires may be a little loose. I put a few drops of glue into the back of the connector with the two new wires to secure them. Refit the rubber shoe to the back of the connector.


Modify the Plug on wire harness from the SIP Tacho

need to use pin 17. The number is clearly marked on the plug in the standard
wire harness from SIP, this connection has no barrel pin in the plug, so we
need to add a barrel pin to the plug.

For the new barrel pin, we use a standard round micro female ‘Steckschuh'. Conrad artikel nr. 526164.

a wire (1mm2) to the barrel pin.


Shift the new wire with barrel pin into the number 17 hole from the cable side of the Tacho plug.

If the hole is too tight, use us 2.5mm drill and widen the number 17 hole a little bit so the pin with wire fits into the plug.  When properly fitted, you will see the new barrel from the other side of the plug.

Carefully refit the connector to the back of the tacho. Don't use excessive force.


Next steps:

Connect one of the wires from the temperature plug in the engine to the new wire at pin 17 to the Tacho. It is not critical which wire you use, any of both pins work.

Lead the wire through the opening on the engine side from the battery compartment. You probably need to remove the back plate of the glove box etc., otherwise you can't get the wire through the inner guts of the scooter. It is a good idea to use extra tubing (‘schrumpfschlauch') on the wire in the engine compartment to protect against heat. Fix the wire here and there with tie-wraps.

the other wire from the temperature connector to a ground point in the engine
room using a ring crimp. I used one of the screws. Not critical which one you
use, as long as it is a good ground connection.

The sensor is now connected to the tacho.

it, and switch on the ignition. Presto…!! You will have now the beautiful
temperature gauge on the SIP tacho working for your 2014-15-16-17 GTS…

The standard temperature is 3 bars, at least on my 2015 GTS.

In the SIP Tacho setup menu you can define at how many bars the alarm will go off.






That would be great; mrlandman(at)

Thanks a lot


Same problem with me: 125 GTS ABS 2015, everything works except the temperature bars. It was one of the reasons I bought this product. We need help from the tech team here.


Hi Simon, Hi  mlandman

The reason why there´s no water temperature on your new speedo is that on GTS FL models after 2014 originally no water temperature is installed. Due to the electric circuit it´s not possible to use this feature on these models. But the overtemperature warning is still working.

Cheers, Sebastian

Hi everyone.

Has anyone by chance the diagram of the odometer cables of a 2014 vespa gts without ABS?

the original piaggio marker that you mount has the following reference: 1D000502