My Piaggio Storm Street Tuned

Hello Scooterist

Here I present you my Piaggio Storm before (tph with 13 inch rims series ).... First, the scooter for racing and meetings, where he was also a very good sport setup incl ported ... Last performance with DR.Evo and HR4 to 14 hp at the wheel (ca Crankshaft: 16-17 hp). .. Now since short, I decided on this road but approaching where much needs to be rebuilt, on the basis of tuning, so all original except for exhaust (Stage6 Pro Replica)

Here are some older pictures, new trials after Easter shut ... [;)]

Sry for my English.[:D]


Luke greeting from Germany



Hell Yeah, Your're right Drop the gianelli pipe


where r the photos?

cheers, luca.

hello lukas !

very nice !!  I love paint you had put on it !

I like twin-otpic light it a BCD part ?

Hello Rimkben

No TNT is the manufacturer because of headlight ... But BCD Looks better

Be but as soon as Bugspoiler and rear protection from BCD to buy ...

Gruß Luke

hi mate [email protected]@ks like you are off to a great start plz keep us updated

very nice mate i love the look of your storm what the name of that color .....keep up the good work

Yes pictures are already old, there was still blocked Gianelli ... Will this week's new photo made