Lightswitch & Horn PX200 '99

Hi all, I've had to replace the Light/Horn switch on my Vespa ('99 PX200) and have discovered the wonderful world of variations...
My OE switch had a 3 position Lightswitch Off/Side/Headlights in addition to Dip/Main (no visible part No.)
The replacement seems to be from an 'auto on' model as there's no OFF (only 2 positions on the switch) and the horn constantly sounds. I've since learnt of the Opener & Shutter variants!


I just want to replace like-for-like (but with screw terminals instead of soldered joints if possible) and have found 2 possibilities in the SIP shop (items 7 & 8: ) but even these list 6 or 5 cables Stick out tongue

Can anyone shed some light Wink on whether the above switches are correct for me please?!