How do i get more cash points?

Dose the amount of times that I purchase from the site add up and benefit at all?

it would be nice if the amount you spend at SIP turned into some kind of points, wouldn't it? other places do it and i hope SIP tries to work it into there program somehow. even a free shipping or discounted shipping if you spend enough money would be nice.

I agree on this.




write and answer more in our forum and you earn cashpoints . 5 per answer - 10 per topic




i am agree with heggie

Hey guys,


Greetings from Singapore. I was looking through the concept of Cash Points in SIP as well and I understand that replying a post gets you 1 point.

That means, does this reply alone give me 1 point as well?

Also, what if someone trolls on a forum page (ie: Posts rude, useless, pointless comments on the forum), does that give him the point too?

Thanks for your answers guys!

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