effect of rollers

I have an 09 Piaggio Fly 150.  I picked up a Polini Maxi Hi Speed variator a couple of years ago.  At the time I installed front hub parts, with the heavy rollers.  The kit had two sets of rollers, yellow and blue ones.  I believe the blue ones are 5.8gr.  Kit uses 9 rollers.  Scooter is stock, except the front hub parts.  The kit also has a big blue spring for the rear hub that I did not install.

Scooter had to sit for a couple of years due to illness, but, I am back to riding it this year.  I am what I consider to be normal size(6'1, 270lbs).  I put a tach on the scooter the other day, and currently here is what the scooter does.

From a standing start, apply about half throttle, the tach jumps to 2700 and stays there for a bit.  I can feel the clutch come in, and can notice it engaging fully within a couple of seconds.  If I go wide open throttle, the rpm's never go passed 3400prm.  Scooter tops out at about 95 km/h, at which time I can roll back the throttle to about 3/4 to 7/8, with rpm dropping to 3300.

According to the specs I can find online, max torque number is up around 6000 rpm and max hp at around 7750rpm.  My background is about entirely automotive repair, with about another 10 or 15% of motorcycle repair.  CVT transmissions are completely new to me.  For such a simple design, it is very complex.  I understand that the lighter rollers will let the engine rev higher, and on the surface that sounds like what I am after.  I also have the big blue spring for the rear hub, and cannot find any information that is understandable to in regards to the effect of changing this spring.  Most articles/blogs/guides are written with the idea the reader already has a good understanding of this transmission system.  In other words, not written for my knowledge level.

What would happen if I changed just that rear spring that came in the kit?  Kit part number is 241-666.  What would happen if I swapped out the rollers for the lighter 5.8gr rollers?  And, what if both items were changed?

My goal is to get the scooter closer to its most performance level.  I am expecting to do the piston/cylinder swap over the winter as well, but that is for another post, at another time.

How are you measuring the rpm ? I think your tacho is showing half of your real rotations. The rpm at idle are @1700; at full throttle and over 60km/h the rotations must be over 5500 and over. Regarding the weight rollers is all about trying, testing, and changing them to suit your drive style - and and in balance with the stiffness of the rear contrast spring.