crackshaft flywheel side 20x37x16mm

Good evening,
I hereby inform you that crankcase art: 24315151 that I have bought you, does not have the measurements for the bearing crackshaft flywheel side 20x47x14mm, the measures that it has are 20x37x16mm. I need an urgent solution, in your online store I did not find any bearing with these measures (20x37x16mm). What is the bearing for the crankshaft bearing that I need? What is the solution to my problem?

Are you sure of the measuring "37 mm" and not 38 mm?
Please perform another measuring and confirm.

This specific crankcase (which you've got) is made for a needle bearing on the flywheel side with the outer dimensions 38 mm (diameter) x 15 mm (depth), such as also the PX is equipped with.


If it is 38 mm and not 37 mm, the crankshaft bearing kit # 6615670 should fit. Also you need a crankshaft with a 25 mm bearing seat (for example the PK 125 ETS crankshaft # 45108000).

The reason for this crankcase is that it is possible to put an 125 ETS type crankshaft inside of it.
PK 125 ETS crankshafts have a bigger shaft diameter on the flywheel side and thus carry bigger loads without the danger of shearing off...also they run smoother...therefore they need a different bearing...