Cluch and crank upgrade for P200

I have a 1979 P200  and I am looking for a clutch and crank  upgrade...

I have a  MALOSSI 210cc Cylinder kit, Manifold with a reed valve and a 35mm carb and expansion Exhaust.

But the clutch is not working well under presser..

So das anyone out there  know what the best clutch is that works under presser and the basket das not bend ore warp??

Also I’m looking for a long stroke crank but  have no Idea what one to get…any body have any recommendations?

The best crank in my opinion is the pinasco, very high quality and resistance, excellent performance because it allows a much better intake. You can get the 60mm stroke with 1.5mm gasket under the head. For the clutch the best choice in my opinion is just a stock-like 7 springs clutch but with reinforcing ring and newfren plates and springs. Many people would suggest a cosa clutch but in my opinion it is not good as they say from under points of view.