Any difference in a PHVA 14 vs a PHVA 12


I'm new to the forum. I have a question. I have a 2004 Italjet Dragster with a Morini motor that has a 70cc kit. I know the Dellorto 17.5 or the 19 is a better set up but I have a chance ot get a PHVA 14 cheap. Will the PHVA 14 do any better than the PHVA 12 on it now. It runs good now but I know it will do better with a bigger carb. Am I waisting my money to get the PHVA 14

Thanks, Ken

Thanks for the reply.

 I passed on the 14mm and will be looking for the 17.5mm. Do you know if the 17.5mm will work on the stock rubber connector to the intake or will I need to find a bigger one?




the 14 carb gives you a little more performance and will help to keep the cylinder a little cooler - but def. the better for 70cc is the 17,5!