200 Rally 1974

I have a 200 Rally engine without stator and flywheel.  I thus plan to fit a P200 crank with a normal P200 flywheel.  Will stator 85121000 work with the P200 crank and does it produce 12V?

Yes it produces 12 V if fitted to the proper flywheel.

Please note that the stator plate has nothing to do with the crankshaft...as the stator plate is not connected with the crankshaft. So the question "Does the stator plate work with the crankshaft?" makes no sense.

At the other hand the 3 questions are:
"Does the flywheel fit on the crankshaft? Answer: "Yes, it does!"
Does the stator plate fit to you engine casing? Answer: yes it does, but eventually you need to adapt the holes in the stator plate to the corresponding threads in the engine casing.

Do I need to perform a new spark timing procedure? Answer: Yes, for sure!