Zirri or fabrizi?

i will be getting a smallframe of some kind soon and want it to be fast so should i go fror the  zirri mr2000 135 and all the stuff , does the barrel need porting, does any1 know the exhaust degree as standard also the same for the fabrizi 150 kit. and also what sort of power and speed i would get with the gear kit, ported cases and just bolting it on. i dunno i need help

what primary gearing are you running on this meadith, I suspect 2.34 to achieve such a high top end

would the fabrizi pull a 23/60 or 24/58 primary ? i also notice that to fit it, 1mm is to be taken off the gasket face of the casings, can i not take it off the top of the barrel or would that make it too peaky ?

I dared to go the `fabrizi route, it did cost some $$ to get it right but i assure you it’s worth it! We used a 25mm dellorto + mallossi reed valve with a 145 cast iron barrel with a fabrizi down and forward exhaust and lots of porting! We did have to move shock over 10mm to clear exhaust down pipe but a sumple job really. After getting it properly jetted at reedspeed it records 21 bhp with a top end of 90 mph. I highly recommend this set up, Numerous miles now covered including runs out ot mersea island.

Good luck!


you know that new polini exhaust???


the real hammer!!!!!





zirri or fabrizzi are not kit that you can mount easily. So forget a bolt on job. Fabrizzi exists in a alu version and very careful you shold be on the setting. Fabrizi reports problems of sizing even with carb of 32 and the man says that after 3 years he had to accept the use of a 38 to avoid sizing. Yes 38...and the crank realiability can be a problem. In few words this kind of kit is for the ones that makes and repairs the engines by themselves o has no money problem. One thing I didn't like with fabrizi barrel is the overall quality. another point with fabrizi is the exhaust. The size is 40 and of a square size.

Zirri: yes it is fast. Yes its quality is fairly poor. Easier to set up then fabrizi but less powerful and fast.

Onother option you coud consider is the M1. You don't need massive work as the Fabrizzi or Zirri do, it can work bolt on, if some mods are done on the barrell can be up to the Zirri, less high rev but surely better acceleration. Last thing is beautifully made.

If you intend to drive your scooter daily M1 is better, if you need something to be afraid of mount a Fabrizzi with a 22 gear.