Zirri Mr2000

I am going to order the Zirri Mr2000 cylinder kit, head, pipe and intake. What carb and crank do you recommend? What needs to be done to the cases for fitting this kit. Is the kit ready to bolt on or does it need porting and such. Is this a better kit the the polini modified that Worb5 sells? Thanks for your time. I tried the email form, but it doesn’t look like it worked properly. Thanks

Crank „worb 5 special lip, pkxl full circle“. Carb „dellorto 34 mil flat slide“ . Lot of alloy welding needed on casings round the transfer and exisitng inlet welding up ideally.

If you want to get further than the shops without hitting reserve, go for the worb 5 polini as they are more user friendly.