Zirri exhaust on smallframe with wide rear rim

can any1 tell me if you can fit a zirri ‚corsa‘/silent exhaust on a smallframe with a rear wide rim?

Please im desperate to know

polini 133, 24m dellorto, full circle crank and polini reed valve with 27/69 upgear kit.[:smile:]

In a word no, the clearances are very tight as the chamber passes the front o the tyre. Also the leading header pipe as it leaves the barrel ain’t tall enough. both the pm and sip d&f will take a 3.50 x 10.

for a wide „WIDE“ tyre exhaust setup you will have to ring SIP themselves.

I know the shock mount needs repositioning and main engine mount needs modification. (just buy a pm and stick a 3.50 on =cheaper option0

the zirri pipe is lackin in low end pullin power for the polini kit and makes all is power in the higher rev range. a cheaper pipe ie polini or leo will be better for low end torque and touring were as the zirri is more of a street screamer with a small power band at the top of the rev range ( the zirri bros’ use a zirri silent on their watercooled 140 setup and the polini is a considerably tamer setup).

If you are after a pipe and dont have a tool box in your panel then another consideration is the PM40 evo which allows use of a 3.50 tyre and as it has a smaller diameter header pipe pipe than the zirri, this is a more user friendly.

I’ve gone thru the old adage of havin different pipes hangin up in the shed cos they didn’t suit the polini’s setup.

the zirri looks and sounds the business, but the harsh reality is that the humble leovinci outperformed it on the polini kit.

I can’t help you but someone here should be able to.

just b out of curiousity wots ur engine setup