zapc 383 or zapc 381

1. I'm not sure about what type of scooter I should choose when I want to know if products are compatible with my Vespa. I own a Vespa LX50 touring build 2010 4 takt. AC. I asume I have to look for Vespa lx 50 ac-  zapc 383 and not zapc 381. Is that correct?

2. If I want to install rear and frontshield bumpers, (other brands or/and original Vespa) do I have to drill holes or is all easy to install and predrilled.

3. Last question: My vespa has original reflectors on the rear mudguards, right beneath the Vespa sign and almost cornering the direction indicators, will these be in the way when installing a rearbumper? If yes, what brand too choose to not have problems with that.

Hope someone can give me some good advice!

greetings from Bergen,


hola los chasis vespa zapc 383 o zapc 81 es el mismo valen los mismo accesorios para vespa lx tanto para vespa s tanto sea 50 o 125 c.c


un saludo