Young scooterist in need of help

can any body pls giv me advice on removing the clutch side bearing on a p range engine and do i have to remove the christmas tree and is it a difficult job as its the first time i have attempted to rebuild a engine???

whitch side clutch side or crank side and im findin it real difficult to remove the circlips they keep slippin out any tips on tht pls?

i can setle your problem,you can open from clutch side .first open your clutch then,take out the oil seal and then u can get took out that circleclips ...if that side cant,you can open your engine one side i meant at flywheel side,and kick start side,so the engine still at your vespa ..............firstly take out cluth,then open the flywheel and open the engine ,,,,then take out your crankshaft then you can take out the circleclips....all side you can get it out but the clutch side is the easy way..

no u dont have to remove the cristmas tree, once u have got the clutch out u then need to remove the oil seal then thre is a circlip take that out then tap the baering out from the other side.

any other problems give me a shout, Dan


i agree with kusen