Yee of great wisdom curare

hi m8
hows the leg getting on healing i hope
need some advice

gona order the pwk28/30 to go with the malossi reedvalve
spec as follows
172 kit opened exhaust port modified head
pwk 28/30
reedvalve kit
21t clutch drive (4 plate uprated clutch & springs)
mikeck exhaust
fuel pump

what jetting do you recommend to start off with i’d prefer a little rich on top and higher revs (trying to make my own mobile green house )lol

i’m looking to change the plastic malossi to carb mount but i see theres lots about with different angles on and sizes whick one would you reccommend and not to expensive

thats all for now m8 but i’ll be back for more info and tech help if thats ok




yes I know the problem you are having with malossi rubber.
The only thing to do (but others may have found a magic trick I hope they will tell us) is to wipe well inside the rubber with a cloth and even better if you wipe it with some 90degree alcool.
then put the carb back, find the right sweet spot for the collar and tight it.

If your engine has been through some welding you should have left the bearing in their seats, but if you had minor welding of small areas the bearing seats should be ok.

…so, did you get to know the setting they are sending the carb with?

hi curare
i have no idea what jets the carb comes with as yet
i was going to order it this week but what with work and shite i haven’t got round to finding out
there servers down at the moment as i wanted to check some bits out

i’m sure it says when buying this carb it comes with spare jets i read 5 but i’m not sure i was looking to find out before i replied to your post

ok now the other dilema
i know my engine was running fine with the dellorto 30 so i’m going to run with this carb for a while (mainly till funds allow)

a bit concerned as to why the carb is such a bad fit on the rubber and keeps coming off whats the score why is this

and besides the money i’m really after some t5 drop bars they llok so smart just not sure there going to look right with the driver and yankee style seat so i can’t have everything

i’ve just got my casing back from the welders i’ve had all unnessasry holes welded up and ground back ready for painting /coating all electrics moving to frame for the clean look

this is now my dilema what to have done i’m worried about bearing seats and gasket faces

thanks for keeping in touch


tank you my leg is getting better and better,

I don’t know which will be the standard setting you will get with PWK 28/30.

As starting point try to have this:

Main jet 135 ( get also a 138 and 132)
but I don’t think you will need the 132 if you had your exhaust port modified. maybe could be better to have a spare 140 insted. But start with 135 to see where you are.

Slow jet 42 ( get also a 45 )

needle JJG (clip 2nd position from top )

Throttle valve C.A. 3.5

By the way if when you set your carb you need some jet or jet needle just ask if I have in my collection one spare that you need I could send you free just pay the post.

The malossi rubber mount is the shortest path, shorter and better flow then the others, the only problem is that is a pain when you try to tight the carb. Always wipe off well the inside before fitting the carb and tight if not it will slip off.
It will be more confortable to change to another kind of manifold expecially at the start of the carb setting since it will be required to put on and off the carb few times.
Sorry I don’t have any manifold to recommend, but don’t worry about the angle, the different angles are made to fit bigger carb as mikuni tmx. The PWk is small.

Air filter you can use a Ram in SIP catalogue, it is good but I don’t like the spongy feel or you can put a K&N (mod.: RU-1400)