[:rolleyes:] What is so good about a XT2000 clutch release shaft ?

MUCHOS GRACIAS one and all!

got hold of the castle nut and clutch compressor (fancy nut and bolt basically!) for a tenner - can’t complain

Apparently the XT2000 does need to be fitted ‚inside‘ the clutch - can quite imagine losing some skin! should be fun…

Gaz7 - nice one! will email u

now to fix my seized up front brake and knackered speedo… (tellin you - seems to be never ending with this scooter!)

thanks again all!



[:rolleyes:] I have got my XT2000 today, what is the best way to fit it, put it in the clutch and put the cover on or fit it in the cover and then put the cover on also are ups crap or what :stuck_out_tongue:

The tool u need to get the clutch undone is a castle nut tool, I believe they are about £4 and should be available at most scooter shops.

the motor is in the scooter[:rolleyes:]

Hi max i would like to go in with you on the order my email address is [email protected] thanks Gary[:drink:] [:smokin:]

The clutch compressor is a brilliant tool, it is pretty basic, but its a real nightmare trying to do without it.

Im gonna add one of those to my wish list!

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!


am just about to order an XT2000 myself…

have just had the clutch housing cover off today to take a look.

The old style shaft has exploded two times in almost as many months but I had it repaired at a garage both these times…

I was assuming the XT2000 just pushed ON to the clutch?!?

I’ve not taken a clutch apart before but from what I can tell from the workshop manual it looks like you have to transmorgify some conveniently knackered old socket bit with pipes and angle grinders in order to make a tool to take the central nut out of the clutch!!

Am I gonna wish I’d never taken the thing apart?!?

any help greatly appreciated !


ALSO - ANYONE INTERESTED IN GETTING AN XT2000 IN THE UK? I want to order but need nothing else and it doesn’t look like I’m gonna make the 50Euros min order limit…

The later PX’s with the cosa clutch do not have a castle nut and can be undone with a normal socket, so take a look b4 you buy a tool if u have a newer machine.