Wrong item delivered.....send back but no response so far

2 Weeks ago i ordered a Forza Rear Shock absorber for my Peugeot Jet Force C-Tech.

Everything went smooth and i received the package within 3 days.

Unfortunately, the wrong Forza shock absorber was in the package. Instead of the Peugeot Jet Force one....i received a Aprilia RS50 shock absorber.

Ive emailed SIP twice using the contact form on the website but so far no response about my return.

Tracking shows its been returned to SIP, and i would like to know when i can receive the correct shock absorber.

The Shock is out of stock at the moment it seems, so im ok with a different brand(Mallossi or Doppler), as long as it fits the JetForce (offcourse you can charge my CC for the extra amount).

My customer number is 20918900

Thanks in advance,


Hello Dikkie,

Of course we can send you another shock like these:



Most likely we will have the Forza shock available at the end of the month (sorry but we are only forwarding delivery dates as we get them from our suppliers). Just let me know what to do regarding the shock.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for the response.

Is there absolutely no possibility that this particular shock can be ordered? Its on the package so they do exist.

If not, bad luck for me :(


Ill send this shock back asap for a refund.

Thanks for the reply and service.

Unfortunately i did not receive an email yet.

Is there a timeframe when i can expect the shock to arrive?



Apparantly the mail from SIP is not arriving on my emailaddress as i should be notified on replies of this thread. Ive changed to a different email address in my profile to see if that fixes the communication problem.

Hello Nick,

You should have received an email by my colleague Mark yesterday that explained what happened. Your returned shock was credited and we ordered a new one that hasn't arrived from the supplier yet. You will be sent this new shock as soon as it's available.

Best regards,


Alright, hopefully the new mail address will work. The new shock should be available in two weeks time.

Hello Nick,

Now that's highly unfortunate. I checked all Malossi shocks in stock as well as the Doppler shock and they all have this eye at the end instead of a shaft. All I can offer now is to wait for the Forza shock and see what it looks like. Please send back the wrong one for a refund. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Best regards,


Its been more than 2 weeks now, is there a possibility i can receive a different shock absorber for my scooter, that is in stock at the moment? (Malossi or Doppler one...just need to be sure its for a Peugeot Jet Force C-Tech)

If possible, ill pay the extra amount immediately through paypal when you send me a payment request




Hello Nick,

We will send you the Malossi shock now. You will receive an automatic email soon asking for authorization of the payment through PayPal. Please just confirm this authorization and everything will run smoothly. We will deduct the amount paid for the Forza shock automatically.

Best regards,


Hello martin,


I received the shock today, but again its the wrong one :(


The one on the box cover is correct, but as you can see the package contains a different one(Ring on top....need the shaft version).

I really hope that you can send me the correct one and the DHL that delivers it, can take this one back to SIP immediately as im unable to use my scooter for a while now and the costs for returning packages is getting a bit high now.


Thanks Martin,

If possible i would like the Malossi RS3 shock.

Just really need to be sure its the one without the 'ring' but with a shaft....this is the one: http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/wwimages/a28b337c-eceb-4163-9bbb-96616de34a9a.jpg

I think you have all the information you need, but if not feel free to ask me. I prefer Paypal, but if thats more difficult i can pay with CC as well.

Thank you!

Is there a step i need to take to get this order finalized?