Wrong Exhaust Sent To Australia! Help!


I ordered a Leo Vince ZX Chrome Exhaust for my 2006 Aprilia SR50 Factory Ditech, but you sent me the exhaust for the Piagio Purejet Engine??

Can someone please contact me to fix this. Invoice: 00045177. Email: [email protected]

Hey Aeroxage,

The exhaust was sent via DHL and arrived in about 10 days.

No issues with customs or anything. Only thing was, SIP hit me with some additional freight costs on top of what was originally listed in the checkout.

Hope this helps!

Hi Serpent,
Stephan will sort this out for you today!

G'day mate,

 i want to order some parts, and was just hoping you could tell me how long it took for the parcel to arrive, and which delivery mob did you use. and do you have any tips to give us the heads up!!

from a fellow Aussie.


Hey Juz what happened, has it been soughted? get back to me when you get back from syd. 

Hi all, I too have had a recent experience with this additional charge. Here is what I have learnt so hopefully others don't get stuck in this situation.

When you check out and process your order SIP have added weights of each item within there system, works fine to obtain a estimated shipping cost. When, the order is sent to the warehouse and the items are picked. The issue with the additional freight cost comes into play when the items are packed, there is a small increase in weight/size for the box and packaging used, my issue was that without asking someone when packaging added 6 product marketing brochures into the package, which substantially increased weight from the initial estimated item weight and size. This marketing material is what you are paying up to 50% more for.

Make it very clear if you do/don't want this material added to your order and ask if they can use the smallest box possible. This will save you money and frustration.