Wrong Delivery and sip ask me to pay again!

Hello !

Last week i ordered this spare part :




8,50 euros

I received my packages 5 days later and in the package, there wasn't the item i ordered but this one : http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/17814900/Rubber+buffer+shock+absorber.aspx


3.72 euros


i sent an email to sip saying i received the wrong spare part and that i destroyed the one they sent.

i was ok to pay the part they sent cause i destroyed it. They answered 2 hours laters :

Hello !
Thank you very much for your email and your interest in SIP Scootershop.
We are very happy that you decided to contact us regarding your questions.

We will try to answer your request this way.

we sent out this rubber to you today- be sure you get it in the next few days

We hope that we could give you an answer to your satisfaction.

If you have any further question, please visit our exellent technical bulletin board:


Thank you once again for your interest in our website. Your questions, suggestions and comments are very important to us as we always try to improve and expand our customer service.

Best regards from Landsberg,

Your SIP Scootershop Team


That was great, i expected to receive the right part in a fews days .

The day after, i received a F*!ù%  invoice asking me to pay 15,47 EUROS !  :

In order to process your order of 16.11.2009, we need you to authorize the amount of 15,47 EUR at PayPal. PayPal Checkout

Please confirm this authorization within 7 days, thank you!

We will ship your order as soon as you have done this.

For any questions please call us at: +49 8191 96 999 40.

We wish you lots of fun with your scooter,
ride safely,

Your SIP Scootershop Team

I don't understand , they ask me to pay for THE RIGHT PART i ordered the  first time and that i allready paid and for the shipping . THEY MADE A MISTAKE BY SENDING ME THE WRONG PART , i SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS !

i sent them 2 others emails but they're ignoring me so what can i do ? i need this part but i want justice too ... Anyway, i think that's gonna be the end of my sip orders ...



Bonjour Spamm,

tu as raison, c'etait notre faute de livrer la faute piece. J'ai verifie ca et maintenant on va expedier la correcte piece 60535000 gratis (et sans frais de port bien sur). Pardon pour cette faute.



Martin de l'equipe SIP Scootershop

Parfait !

Merci pour cette reponse , en francais de surcroit ! allez, pour la peine, je repasse commande, sans rancune, j'etais un peu faché sur ce coup la mais a part ce petit probleme, j'ai toujours été satisfait de vous.


Merci encore