Would like some advice on whats next for my aprilla sr 50 ditech 2004

Ive had this bike for about 6 months after buying  it off a friend for 100 it was in imaculate condition but all went wrong when the airbox got wet the bike was just clogging and didnt want to do anythink think this is where i decided to start my project so first thing first at the moment the bike is completely standard except from a stage 6 racing variator and a stage 6 racing clutch with a polini evolution drive belt from here on out i dont no what else or what order if it matters  to tune my ped i was thinking about getting a mallosi upgear kit (secondary gear) also will a 21mm mallosi carb excell the performance of my bike.

what else would i need to get ive got a budget of £200  at the moment



first of all you need this kit:



with it you get a new electronic Ignition box.


this gives you what you need and will work fine with all your existing tuning parts.