Workshop book Vespa Px 125 My 2001

I am looking for a workshop book for my Vespa Px 125 model year 2001.How can I get one?:


I have the haynes manual for Vespa with the red T5 on the front. Is there anything new in this manual e.g. is the disc brake on the 01-03 model covered? is it worth me upgrading my manual?



I dont think you need to up grade your Haynes manual as the only difference will be the extra chapter on the disc brake. There arent enough changes to warrant a new manual, unless you really want to. The disc brake is just a simple two piston affair so it shouldnt give any trouble, if you are not confident working with hydraulic brakes it will help, but if you are ok then it wont tell you anything you don`t know. I am used to working on 4 or 6 piston motorcycle calipers (right fiddly bastards at times) so it is a pleasant change to work on the Vespa caliper.

You can order a Haynes manual from SIP or[:look:]