Worb5 Reed Valve Rotary pad seal inlet Adaptor for PX200

yes would work with the crank and si carb, but....you would have to open the inlet port right up wider for the reeds to fit, this is just a smaller version than having a massive block and big carb. 

From the way i understand it, using this and an si carb, it would be quite an efficient motor and quite easy to set up once machined

Assuming this repair reed adaptor is to be used on a PX200 disk with a damaged rotary seal pad:

'Art No.40311500 Intake Manifold by Worb5'

The question is.. Does it work with the original standard crankshaft and SI Carb as stated in catalogue description and if not a direct bolt on What extra work would be necessary?


Thanks for your reply. This seems like the answer for me.

At the moment with damaged rotary pad seal the PX has petrol blowing back through the carb and runs crap at low revs..(but goes well top end)..

I can dremel out the inlet port if need be to suit the reed fitting as suggested. Presumably it will mean losing the autolube by blocking reservoir and removing the oil drive gear..but hey small price to pay if scoot runs better.

Now to try and get SIP to confirm its use also....not easy!!!..There e-mail back to to me for this same question was that "you will need to use a reed type crankshaft with this adaptor"..not what the description says in there own catalogue!!!

Cheers again