Wont go in gear

on my lml150 it goes into 1st,2nd but sometimes wont go into 3rd .so its a case of 2nd straight to 4th.unless im going slow then it will go throu all gears.
help please[:shoot2:]

Sounds like you need a new shift cross.

is it a hard job 2 do m8.scoot is still under warranty as it is this years regd bike (sept 02 ).
bike came from jml in leeds yorkshire but can i take it to a nearer bike shop under warranty n get it done same time as its first service or will it have 2 go 2 there specified menders in leeds[:drink:]

Definately sounds like more fine Indian workmanship at play!
from the symptoms you describe i would say a new cruciform gear selector is needed.As the bike is so young it could also be a clutch problem.I would take it back and insist it’s fixed under warranty since it could be quite an expensive job to fork out other peoples’ labour out of your own pocket!
Unfortunately Indian bikes aren’t built to the same tolerences as Italian bikes,hence they are cheaper!