Wiring sip tunnel lights

I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers in wiring in the SIP tunnel lights into my P200. Normally three wires go to the original tail light. How do i branch these to go to the two round lights in the kit?

Where do these three wires get soldered in each disk?

I’m pretty good with instructions, but the ones that came in the kit, were actually a photocopy of a german scooter registration form![[:O]]



Hi James,

Plastikjock says it all really. It’s not too difficult. Anyway check your emails.

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Dead easy, but depends how the sip tunnel lights are configured, i.e. are there two stop/tail lights, or is one lamp stop the other lamp tail? I suspect it is the first option.

The three wires are: common earth (0v, black), stop light and tail light. You need to identify the stop and tail wires from a wiring diagram - try http://www.scooterhelp.com/electrics/80.elec.html

Assuming you have a pair of stop/tail lamps connect the black wire to the case of the first lamp, connect the tail lamp wire to the less bright bulb filament and the brake lamp wire to the brighter bulb filament. if you get the wires the wrong way, just swap them so you get bright light when brake applied.

When you get that right make link wires straight from the first lamp to the second unit, wiring it in parallel with the first.

If you fit the number plate lamp take another earth feed (black wire) and tail lamp feed to the third lamp assembly.

Good luck.


Stop wire is blue.
Tail wire is yellow or yellow and black.


Thanks guys for the reply’s!

Inside the each disk, the mount for the two bulbs, is made of one piece of copper. There are no places i can see to solder a wire to one bulb without affecting both. From this i gather, that under normal operation, both bulbs are on, but when either brake switch activates, both bulbs increase in intensity. Is this correct?

I will test it out this week. I’m waiting for an ignition key to be cut, and a hanslebar switch.

Thanks again!