wiring problem

Here’s my problem: I bought a 1974 Primavera and tried to get it road worthy. I found that the front brake light switch was broken and there was no wiring going to it. So I started really looking around (pulled the gas tank, etc.) and found that one of the previous owners had cut all of the wires that used to run to the battery and battery related components. So my question is this: should I try and restore the scooter the way it should have been? The scooter has a keyed ignition (8 pole hub, I think), so it should have a battery, but it has been converted to a non-battery scooter. Should I leave it AC only and buy a new harness for no battery or should I buy a harness for a battery and go that route? Either way, I’m pretty sure this harness is done (the lights are intermitent now). Any help would be appreciated.

The reason why there is no wire to the brake switch is because it wouldn’t have worked as I think you need an AC brake switch if you are runnig an AC system…anyway the whole thing sounds pretty dodgy and you’d be better off trying to put it back to standard (unless the Stator plate has been changed to an AC one) because it will never work properly without a proper AC stator… unless you are an electrical wizzkid, but then you probably wouldn’t be asking if you were [;)]

Good luck!