wiring problem

I have a 71 Primavera that I am trying to fix up. Recently my lights quit working (well, they are intermeittent.) so I moved my gas tank aside and saw that the harness is all mangled. My scooter apparently used to have a battery, but now those wires are cut and others are spliced together and the scooter is running stricly off AC. So my question is this: if I put a new harness in, should I go with one that takes a battery or one without a battery? I have an ignition pole (not sure what else to call it) where you put your key for power and I know that battery-less scoots usually do not have those, so I would probably have to replace that also. Lots of confusion, any help would be great.

Anthony in Texas


Did everything work as it was? ie horn and brakelight included? I think that all USA bikes had batteries originally (assuming that it is a US bike) becasue of the strick regulations. My guess is that unless the person who make this „improvement“ was an electical whizz that not everything will work unless you return it to it’s original intended state. The stator plates are different so unless that has been modified (or exchanged) I doubt that it will ever work properly.

Hope this helps