Wiring Harness HELP

Any advice is welcome…

I’m actually rebuilding a Sprint model and intend to put a PX 125 Motor in it.
What wiring harness would I need??

I do not want to run a battery nor use electric start.

Any ideas??

Thanks… [:)]

If you look on the SIP Home page there is a menu on the left, under tech tips there is a list of wiring diagrams.

There are diagrams for both the Sprint and PX, might be of some use.

My mate did the same conversion using a modified loom and switch from Grand Prix scooters.

As Beerace said we used a PX regulator and put it under the left side panel.


I did essentially the same with a Primavera years ago and all I did was duplicate a px loom, you have similar switch gear so it shouldnt be too difficult, although Id advise getting a cheap volt/ohm-meter from maplins or the like. Also a haynes manual will help you with the wiring diagram.(with the engine too.). Alternatively take the blue wire from the stator direct to the voltage regulator and feed all the power feed wires to the same terminal, A bodge but one that works. (change all bulbs to 12v, but leave horn as 6v. makes the horn work better, just dims the lights a bit more at night when you use it.) and dont forget to earth the regulator!