Wires needed to start PX engine?

I need some help -again- from you experts.

Which wires are needed tot make a PX-engine spark/start ?

I’m currently putting a P80 engine with Pinasco 139 kit in my cut P200 frame, but the wire colours don’t match and the spark plug doesn’t spark when I kick over the engine.

How can I get things in working order?

Thank you!!

You should have five wires coming from stator,white(earth connected to stator),red(connected to the black pickup),green(connected to the white coil),black(earth connected to stator),blue(lights/eletrics connected to the four lighting coils)

disconnect all of the wires, except the three going to the coil(white nearest the ht lead,then red then green.

see if that works ! if not,would the p2 stator fit[:|]?(never worked on a px80)

My first reply would be to check the spark plug,even brand new ones bugger up(learnt this the hard way!)

then the cap

is the ht lead, into the coil, loose?

only put the three staor wires into the coil

the white wire coming out of the coil is an earth,most of mine are broken! and run fine...!

then check the stator, as a wire might be caffed,earthing it out

start one end and work back(also the cheapest!) and only try one thing at a time, have you got a friend who you could borrow bits from?

this forum is a lot harder to get on, so don't reply as much! 

Hey thanks for the reply man!! I love this forum but sometimes it seems to be hard to get an answer to some questons. I’m a beginner and have much to learn!

I did what you told me, and hey presto - I got a spark! - But not always …
If I disconnect the wires again and put them back, I get a spark the first time, but then it doesn’t anymore.
I did notice that the small white wire next to the spark plug wire isn’t there anymore.

What could be wrong?