Winter rebuild advice

I have a t5 classic, standard as far as i know apart from a sip pipe,larger jet and hp4 flywheel. I haven’t used it for the past year so it has been sat down the side of the house and after yet another nightmare journey to work on the trusty old london underground, i am at my wits end and the time has come to finally sort it out.

The scooter was bought second hand (apparently it had done 6k miles). Any advice as to what seals, bearings etc… to replace would be much appreciated. The wife was none to chuffed about the engine from my previous scooter being on the kitchen table last time so i want to make sure i dont miss anything out…

hi there

disassemble and clean the hole lot in gasoline and then check the bearings for wear… the most are the crankshaft /clutch bearing
and primary drive bearings .

I would suggest that you replace all of the oil seals and packings rings and use liquid sealer for the engine block , outlet and cylinder

good look


Hi Parkesy,
I hope you saw the funny side?
Seriously, Is your motor running ? Does it turn over?
Your bearings and seals could be okay, but if not and you’ve got to change them. Change the lot! It will give you peace of mind .

Bearings : flywheel side, main clutch, rear hub, gear selecter box, small end + another big one that goes inside ( fat end )the gear cluster thing!!( can’t remember the technical name, sorry)+ needle bearings that go on the smaller end of the gear cluster thing.
Seals: flywheel inner and outer, rear hub + gasket set for engine cases+ carb.
There might be more ,can’t remember.
Check the cruciform for wear and the cluctch plates,too

As your scoot has been standing for a year, check the tyres for cracks and replace the innertubes,'coz they tend to go pop!

I hope this helps.
If in doubt , put the wife out!

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

Only just got married grimesy so it’s a bit soon to be chucking the wife out. She is away this weekend so reckon i’ll make a start while i have the chance.

You never know, may be a cheap t5 with the engine in bits for sale next week…!!!

Hi Parkesy,
I had a similar experience. After much thought I decicided to put my wife outside the house for the winter and my engine and myself shared the warm fire and the odd cup of Ovaltine. Regarding which seals etc. I’ve got no idea.
Hope this helps!