Will this part fit to my PK 125S Estart '83?

Will this part fit to my PK 125S Estart '83??? [:dance2:]

Racing cylinder 102cc DR Vespa
50S/PK/XL, 6 transfers, d=55mm
incl. cylinder head
Art.-no. 10007000
Weight: 2100g

Need more power, but want to keep your feet on the ground? Then reach out for the 85 - 115 ccm class. A longer transmission, a 19er carburetor and a tuning exhaust system will be necessary. Add a 4er disc clutch to that. Ranges up to 10 horsepower, speeds to 95 km/h and heftier acceleration are yours. Our tip: the MALOSSI 112 ccm direct induction!


if you are after a mild tuning I would buy either a DR 130 (art.no:10008000) or a Polini 130 (art.no: 14000500). If you are going to use your cranckshaft and no willing to open the cases transfer I would choose the DR130.
For the exhaust you could buy the Polini (art, no:20020510). It works well with mild tuning and has a nice power curve.
Of course you need to up jet your carb after you fit these parts, set the ignition time properly and get the right spark plug.

THX for the answer, but what kind of kit should I have to buy???

THX a lot for your help!!![:bounce:]

no, you have a 125. It has a different stroke. You need to see after the kit for the smallframe 125 such as Primavera etc…