Will these parts fit? Spanish 150

hi, excellent website!!

. I have a  project but am a little stuck at the mo sourcing parts. its a Spanish 150 similar to vbb etc
Just trying to source the parts I need…
Sorry to be a pain but cant find a answer to whether I am ordering the right bits, will the following fit:

Need to order a new petrol tank,side panel,engine side panel,mudguard.

I have seen these on SIP:

Mudguard for Vespa VNA/VNB/VBA
Tank LML w/o oil pump, for Vespa PX/Sprint/GL/GT/VNB/VBB/T4
Side panel engine-side for Vespa 125/150 VNA/VNB/VBB/VBA/T4
Side panel for Vespa 125 VNA/VNB/150 VBA/VBB/T4 steel, premium quality

You reckon these parts will fit ok? the tank looks slightly different but says Pictures may look different lol

Did you find you could mix and match parts much?

Some pics of mine are here

Thanks again and great site!!!

Thanks again